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Soprobec 200 mcg inhaler information
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Intended for UK healthcare professionals.

We’re asking you
to prescribe a LLAMA
for COPD

Adverse events should be reported.
Reporting forms and information can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard.
Adverse events should also be reported to medical_information@glenmarkpharma.com
or call 0800 458 0383.



(Long-Acting Muscarinic
Antagonists) are effective
bronchodilators that help
COPD patients breathe
(and live) more easily.1


(Low-cost Long-Acting
Muscarinic Antagonists) do
exactly the same but cost
less than other LAMAs.2


is a once-daily therapy that
offers the efficacy and safety
associated with tiotropium at one
of the lowest costs,2-5 making it a
true LLAMA for COPD.

Tiogiva contains tiotropium bromide in an inhalation powder. It comes in clear hard capsules,
with a metered dose of 18 mcg tiotropium per capsule and delivered dose of 10 mcg.3


Maintenance bronchodilator treatment to relieve symptoms of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in adults only.


The recommended dosage is one capsule once daily, inhaled using the Tiogiva capsule inhaler, at the same time of day. To get a full daily dose, the patient should inhale a second time from the same capsule.

As a LLAMA, Tiogiva stands out

Tiogiva is bioequivalent to Spiriva®:

  • The same active substance3,6

  • The same dosage3,6

  • Bioequivalent7

  • Equivalent design and functioning to HandiHaler®8

Made to make a difference:

No need for patients to change inhaler technique when switching from another LAMA capsule inhaler1,9-13

Clear capsules help patients see immediately when a full dose has been taken1

  • Patients are advised to take two inhalations in order to empty the capsule completely1

Tiogiva inhalers should be replaced every 6 months 1

  • Creating an opportunity to review inhaler technique twice a year1

  • Reducing inhaler waste vs. non-reusable inhalers, like Braltus® Zonda®, Acopair® NeumoHaler® and Seebri® Breezhaler®1,10,11,13,14

Please note that Tiogiva capsules should only be inhaled using the Tiogiva inhaler and should not be inhaled using other capsule inhalers.

The extra ‘L’ stands for ‘Low cost’

LAMAs listed in GOLD 2022, available in UK.2,15,16

LAMAs shown below are recommended in GOLD 2022 and are available in the UK, but the table does not necessarily represent therapeutic or bio-equivalence between products.


Tiogiva offers the leading LAMA molecule in UK sales (tiotropium) at one of the lowest costs.2,15

Adapted from BNF. February 2022, and data on file TIO/2021/08/003. August 2021.2,15

Switching to Tiogiva from another tiotropium capsule inhaler can save your practice up to £171 per patient per year.15

In the year leading up to March 2021 the NHS spent over £85 million on tiotropium capsule inhalers15

Using Tiogiva exclusively could have reduced this by over £27 million15

for payers

Save yourself time and cost

Glenmark can provide financial savings estimates for your Primary Care Organisation (PCO), as well as formulary information to help save you time. You can also access our Respiratory Implementation Portal, which can help you plan and implement formulary decisions, saving you time and budget.

Switching to Tiogiva could help you save significantly on your drugs budget – a PCO spending £640,000 on tiotropium capsule inhalers could save £200,000 with Tiogiva.15 We know that the process isn’t always straightforward, but we’re here to help.

If you're a member of a Medicines Management team and would like to gain access to the portal please arrange an appointment with us.

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for pharmacists

To help you bring Tiogiva to your pharmacy, we’ve developed a series of helpful printed materials for your patients and guidance for your team:

  • Pharmacy guide to Tiogiva

  • Tear-off patient leaflets explaining how to use Tiogiva that you can put inside prescription bags

  • Stickers to put on prescription bags, helping staff to identify when Tiogiva has been dispensed and reminding them to discuss it with patients

  • Handy guide to help your team use the above, dispense Tiogiva and answer any questions patients might have

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Support for you and your patients

When you prescribe Tiogiva by brand, your patients have access to clear information and support to ensure they take their medication correctly.

We offer:

  • Tiogiva devices with capsule placebos for practices

  • A dedicated Tiogiva patient website containing information and support for patients who have been prescribed Tiogiva, with guidance on how to use their inhaler and FAQs

  • Tear-off pads with information about Tiogiva for patients

To request support materials, click here.

View the Tiogiva demonstration video


You can use it to facilitate Tiogiva device training with your patients. The video can be accessed directly by patients prescribed Tiogiva on the patient website.